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Welcome to Conway Consulting's exclusive resource page for our newsletter subscribers! We encourage you to give all of these worksheets a try at least once. What we've discovered is you'll find it difficult to stop once you start. Enjoy!

Visionioneering Checklist_Sq.png

The vision we have for our life isn't always clear. Sometimes we know exactly what we want and other times we haven't a clue. This checklist will guide you through Sandy Gallagher's Visioneering practice, allowing you to imagine what you want as though it has already unfolded for you.



It's time to get serious about making your goals happen! Napoleon Hill said, "if you can't do great things, do small things in a great way." By focusing your energy on six goal achieving activities each day creates improved productivity, focus, and efficiency. Just imagine what you could accomplish in one week!



Bob Proctor said, "expressing gratitude instantly shifts your energy. It puts you in harmony with your source of supply so that the good in everything moves toward you." What a phenomenal idea. As Bob suggests to all of his colleagues, employees, and clients, take the time to write out 10 things you are grateful for every morning and you won't just see results, you'll feel them.